Indirect Heating with Heat Exchanger

Maxi-Flo is a tube heat exchanger with excellent heating properties and is made of acid-proof stainless steel AISI 316L for optimum service life. The installation is simple using the stainless steel adjustable attachments that are included.

  • Acid-proof stainless steel AISI 316L - For optimum quality and life.
  • Precision-welded outer jacket - For optimum finish and long life.
  • 37 seamless pipes equipped with flow restrictors - For high heat transfer capacity.
  • Adjustable brackets of acid-resistant stainless steel - For simpler and more flexible installation.
  • Four sizes: 40, 60, 75 and 120 kW - For swimming pools of up to 450 m3.
  • Connects to boiler, heat pump, solar panel system or other heat source - Suits all installations.