Cozy Heaters Wall Furnace

Features of the cozy wall heaters include:

  • Wall Thermostat — is standard on all units assuring convenient operation.
  • Thermostatically Controlled Blower draws cooler air into unit top and distributes heat at floor level.
  • Standing Pilot (Low Btu) or Intermittent Ignition Device — available as standard equipment, featuring 100% safety shut-off.
  • Manual Spark Igniter (standing Pilot units only) eliminates the need for matches or lighting tools.
  • Multi-Port Stainless Steel Burner provides excellent flame characteristics and quiet ignition and extinction.
  • Aluminized, Continuous Seam-Welded Combustion Chamber Maximizes heat transfer, resists burnout and is warranted for 10 years (no pro rata).
  • Optional Side Outlet Kits — are available to disperse air to unit sides or adjacent rooms.
  • Optional Rear Register Kit to duct air to rear (Counterflow only).
  • Optional Cabinet Trim Kit —available to trim out recessed installation.
  • Junction Box —provided inside upper casing to facilitate installation.
  • Recessible —Counterflow up to 9 1/4" Direct Vent Counterflow up to 10”.
  • Resettable blocked flue safety device standard equipment—Counterflow.