Solar Thermal Heat

Flat Plate Solar Collectors

The Viessman Vitosol 200-F flat plate solar collector is attractive not only for its low investment cost but also for the energy it saves. With the new high efficiency Sol-Titan coating solar energy harvest is now even more efficient. Durable, corrosion resistant construction using materials such as powder coated aluminum, copper and stainless steel, as well as 3.2 mm special low-iron solar glass ensure a long service life and maintain high efficiency for years to come.

Evacuated Tubes

SUNDA'S SEIDO EVACUATED TUBES were developed by Sunda and Daimler-Benz Aerospace with support from UNDP in 1986. Over ten years of co-operative research and development by Sino-German experts resulted in today's design. Sunda's vacuum tubes are suitable for OEM manufacturers and can be used for various kinds of installations. Absorber and heat pipe are mounted in a highly stable borosilicate vacuum glass tube. This prevents damage and the heat loss that occurs in conventional solar collectors. The absorber is sputtered with aluminium nitride selective coating to ensure high absorption and highest efficiencies even on cloudy days.