Steam Humidifier

Neptronic SKs Steam to Steam

The SKS series of steam to steam humidifiers offer innovative design and trouble free operation. Chemical free steam is produced by using on-site boiler steam as a heat source. The wide modulation range, high capacities and ease of servicing makes it the most dependable and best humidifier on the market.

Features of the SKS:

  • Capacities from 100-1000lb/hr (45-450kg/hr) of steam.
  • Maximum boiler steam pressure 15 psig on standard unit to 150 psig on special applications.
  • Copper and stainless steel heat exchangers are available.
  • Uses either "Domestic", "RO" or "DI" water.
  • Comprehensive system of scale management.
  • AFEC system, mass measuring water sensor.
  • Temperature of the drain water is tempered below 60ºC (140ºF).
  • Ease of servicing; cleans and re-installs within minutes.
  • BACnet remote communication protocol.