Heating & Furnaces

Concerned about rising utility costs? Do you experience uneven temperatures in your home? Not sure if your furnace will make it through the next winter?

Instead of putting more and more money into your old furnace upgrade to a new high efficiency furnace and start to enjoy maximum comfort at lower operating costs.

Here are the most important reasons why you should upgrade your old furnace now:

  • Higher efficiency levels.
  • New high efficiency furnaces operate at 90-96% efficiency ratings. This in comparison to older mid efficiency furnaces which operate at ratings of 60-70% would give you an instant 20-30% reduction of fuel consumption.
  • Higher level of comfort.
  • Variable blower motor operating on direct current (DC) will consume only as much as a 75 W light bulb and offering much higher flow rates. This offers you reduced operating costs and more supply air to those hard to reach rooms.
  • Two stage operation allows for additional savings and increased level of comfort. The furnace will operate on its first stage for most of the time. During times of higher demand it will gear up to its nominal output capacity to reach your required temperature setting within a short period of time.
  • To fully utilize the two stage feature it is necessary to upgrade your thermostat to a two stage thermostat.
  • Increased safety features like pressure switches, high limit switches and flame roll out sensors will ensure that the furnace will operate in a safe manner. Any malfunctioning part will trigger a sensor and/or switch which will shut down the furnace for safety. An integrated self diagnostic feature alerts the service technician about affected areas.
  • New high efficiency furnaces are very reliable. Parts and products are continuously tested for long trouble-free lifetime.
  • Tubular Stainless Steel Heat Exchanger with wrinkle bend technology features no welding joints.